Please read if you would like to join us!

This group has been formed to get the creative spirits flowing in all of us. This will be a safe place to try out new material and this process will inspire us to continue to write in between our meetings. You do not have to be a performer to attend as we welcome all song writers! No need to bring a guitar unless you use a special tuning, are a left handed player, or you use a different instrument, as a pre-tuned guitar will be provided by the host.

We are going to gather in one of the dining rooms at the crimson moon’s ‘half moon saloon’ – located on the second floor of the c. 1858 parker-nix storehouse building that houses the crimson moon. (The patio and bar entrance)

We will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. On these dates the Crimson Moon will  be closed and only opened for this creative group to meet.

Doors open at 7:00pm sharp; 7:15 pm sharp the song sharing will begin.

Byob or wine or other beverage if you’d like. You may also bring a snack or dish to share if you wish, however, we will only eat before the song sharing time.

Bring a song that is not yet completed. The song saloon’s purpose is to share songs that each of us will receive honest feedback on from any other songwriters present who wish to offer it. It will be your choice as to whether or not you use this constructive criticism.

We will take turns in a circular fashion to share songs. When it’s your turn, you may pass, or begin, but please allow the song to breathe without a preface, or explanation before you play it.

If you are a songwriter, but not at musician, you are welcome to bring the words and implore one of the musicians in the group to add music to your work. This works better if you have a chord structure in mind, so, if there is much musical“work” to be done then that can be handled in between meetings.

Feedback on songs should be brief, constructive, and not repetitive. It is the song vs the songwriter that will be in the spotlight, so please keep this the main focus with each turn.

There will be time for sharing before and after songs, but this is not a support group, it is a song sharing group. We are all taking time away from something be it our families, friends, dogs, gardens etc…so let’s do the work and make the most of our time together.

To assure this, cell phones must be turned off or on vibrate. If you must use your phone, please excuse yourself, and respect the circle by not re-entering until the current song is finished. Also, please commit to the time by arriving on time and not leaving early.

Please bring lyric sheets with 7 or more copies, as well as
Pen and paper, a positive attitude, and an open mind!

 Throwing a buck or two in the jar we’ll have for such helps the crimson moon make this space available to us, with use of the electricity, water, toilet paper etc… otherwise it would be closed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email message!

Betsy franck: bfranckmusic@gmail.Com
Dana lachance: dana@thecrimsonmoon.Com