If you are interested in playing a show at The Crimson Moon then please complete this form! The more info you provide the faster we are able to determine if you are a good fit for our stage! Thank you!

Booking Form:



The Crimson Moon Cafe exists to support the creative spirit! Our primary goal is to provide musicians with a room full of close listeners and our community with an artist worth listening to!  

We must book events that assure a minimum of 50 tickets sold. If you are not confident that your event will do so, then we are both better served by your participation in one of our Songwriter's Showcases, opening for a headlining artist, or coming to Open Mic Night at 
'The Moon'.

Please enter relevant info and links about the artist and booking manager in the form below.  

Dana LaChance or Laura Mae will contact the agent or artist listed to discuss booking. Please keep in mind that it often takes several days to several weeks for us to review and respond to booking requests.  

Thank you.